Whether you are moving temporarily for work, pleasure, or some other reason, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of these decisions is whether or not it makes sense to bring your vehicle or other large items that might be difficult or costly to ship. Fortunately, there are long-term car rental options that allow you to get the type of car that you want for the duration of your stay in another city, state or country. Month to Month car rentals offer flexibility you will enjoy. 

What Is the Environment Like?

If you are driving on roads that are covered in ice or snow, you may want to consider a larger car such as a vans or SUV’s. Their size and weight tend to make it easier to maneuver on roads that are covered in ice and snow. However, if you are driving on mostly dry roads, you may benefit from an economy car that gives you great gas mileage and tends to be cheaper than a larger Vans or SUV.

Where Are You Driving?

Traveling in a large city may be difficult in a larger SUV or van because there won’t be as much room to maneuver through traffic. In such a scenario, you may want a smaller car that does a better job of fitting into a tight parking space or can make a lane change on a congested highway. In the event that you travel in a more rural area, you may want a SUV or van that can carry supplies that you might need for a camping trip or similar types of outings.

How Many People Do You Need to Transport?

If you are living on your own, you may be able to get away with driving a smaller car. However, if you need to transport your kids to school or to soccer practice each day, you may want something that is larger and more durable. The same may be true if your kids have musical instruments or other large items that wouldn’t fit in a smaller vehicle. A larger car or Van/SUV may be ideal if you need to transport fishing, sports or other sizable or heavy objects regularly.

What Are Your Driving Habits Like?

If you are moving for work, you may find that your commute is significantly shorter than it was while at home. Therefore, you may decide that it’s easier to rent an economy car designed for shorter commutes as opposed to the SUV that you drove hundreds of miles per day prior to moving. Conversely, you may decide that your new job requires you to travel with style or class. Therefore, you’ll want to leave your economy car at home in favor of a luxury vehicle.

What Makes You More Comfortable?

For some, driving a larger car makes them a more confident driver because they can see everything that is going on around them. Larger vehicles also tend to be more capable of protecting you from being hurt in a crash because they will absorb more of the energy from an impact. Of course, some people prefer smaller cars because they can be easier to back up or parallel park without hitting something.

An Overview of What We Offer

If you are looking to lease or rent a car, the folks at Avalon can help in a number of ways. We offer month-to-month rentals as well as leases that last for 12-24 months. You will likely qualify for a lease or rental even if you have a thin credit history or are under the age of 25. Our options range from economy vehicles to SUVs or larger vans. Finally, we also offer airport transportation and other relocation services.