Temporarily or permanently moving can be a result of seizing a great opportunity, but it can also pose some unique practical challenges. Making transportation arrangements is particularly tricky, especially if you don’t own a car or you’re relocating to a new city. If you’re not sure where to start, long-term auto rental may be the perfect solution to your transportation woes.

Why Choose Long-Term Car Rental?

Life can be hectic at times, and nothing is more frustrating than not having reliable transportation. Buying a vehicle is an option, but with interest rates today, you could be looking at a significant amount of money. Shipping your car is an option, but it’s also a huge expense for a temporary move and your run the risk of damage to your car during the shipping process. 

Conversely, long-term car rental can be customized for your specific needs and timeline. It offers tremendous flexibility, providing virtually all the benefits of car ownership without the typical downsides. You aren’t responsible for repairs, nor do you need to worry about selling or shipping your vehicle after you no longer need it. Renting is also simple and cost-effective, with monthly payments that are often lower than traditional auto loans with start-up costs.

Pick the Right Vehicle for Your Needs

Another advantage of long-term auto rental is the ability to choose the perfect vehicle for your particular needs. Will you have to make a long daily commute? Renting a fuel-efficient hybrid can help you keep your expenses low, which is always important. If you anticipate needing more cargo or passenger space, perhaps a minivan or SUV would be a better option. Taking time to think about which vehicle options work for you ensures you’ll have the best possible experience.

Rent Smarter With Avalon’s Rental Program

If you’ve ever rented a vehicle before, you know that it’s not always a pleasant experience. In addition to the hassle of finding a reputable service and making all the necessary arrangements, rental car companies ordinarily tack on extra fees. Needless to say, this can be a real problem.

Fortunately, Avalon Transportation has you covered. We offer a wide range of options, with flexible rental terms ranging from one month to a full year.

What’s more, we understand the challenges of moving to a new city. That’s why our team is committed to making the rental process as quick and seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on more important things. We also have a fantastic selection of top-rated vehicles that are always clean, reliable and well-maintained on a month-to-month car rental option.

Don’t let transportation problems put a damper on your trip. Contact Avalon today to see how we’re making long-term car rental easy and affordable.

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