As a core part of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is one of the largest cities in Santa Clara County. Sunnyvale is located in a densely urban area so you will need a car to get to work, the grocery store or anywhere else you need to go. Fortunately for you, Avalon offers long term car rental to ensure that you have transportation that fits your needs and budget.

Why Renting Can Be Preferable to Buying

If you are only in town for a period of several months, it may not make sense to buy a vehicle. Instead, you can keep your existing car at home so when you return from traveling you will save on wear & tear, keeping the mileage down on your car.  

Renting may be a less expensive option as you only pay for the car during the rental term. Furthermore, when using month to month car rental in Sunnyvale, California there may be no need to make a down payment that might drain your savings or otherwise create a financial hardship.

Finally, renting can be a good option if you don’t like the idea of being attached to one car for a month to month car rental period. When you partner with Avalon, all you need to do at the end of the rental term is surrender the vehicle and go on about your day.

Avalon Has a Variety of Cars and Rental Terms Available

Our long-term car rentals can last for up to 12 months, which is comparable to leases that you’ll likely see at a typical dealership but require a minimum 24-month commitment. However, Avalon offer a wider variety of vehicles for rent ranging from economy, compact, cars to full-size sedans. We also offer SUVs and specialty vehicles if you want something larger or fancier to transport you around town.

You can choose your desired vehicle directly on our website or ask that one of our agents get in touch with you. A customer service agent can talk more about our inventory and which vehicles might best fit your needs and budget. Our agents may also be able to start the process of procuring your preferred car, van or SUV before you get into town. You will be happy to know what to expect when you arrive. 

Our team may also be able to help with the process of obtain or reviewing car coverage option. Whether you choose to buy or rent a vehicle, you will need to meet state insurance standards. 

It’s worth noting that our vehicles are available to international drivers and can still help those with no credit history. Therefore, we are an ideal and flexible partner for your long-term car rental needs. 

Other Issues to Consider

You may have thought about shipping your car to Sunnyvale, Ca. from your current home. However, you should expect to pay similar costs to ship vs just renting a car that works out to be hassle free.  Many times, shipping costs may be even higher than month to month car rental, especially if you’re trying to get your car into the United States from a foreign country.

If you are ready for a long-term car rental in Sunnyvale, California, the team at Avalon is ready to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to reserve your rental or to simply learn more about our long-term car rental terms or auto insurance assistance program. After choosing a vehicle in many cases we can deliver it directly to your door. Get a quote today!