In light of rapidly rising costs in today’s economy, an unforeseen vehicle breakdown, tire replacement, or even basic maintenance services can prove a significant financial burden to businesses seeking to minimize costs. Likewise, employees going on a business trip might experience financial setbacks if they must initially cover these expenses and then wait for reimbursement from their respective employers.

Although a number of options are available to those on going a business trip, a long-term car rental is one alternative that will save time, money, and hassle. A long-term car rental provides the following key benefits for traveling business professionals:

Simpler Ownership Terms: Unlike the stipulations of a standard financing plan, which involve interest, lengthy loan terms, and down payments, a long-term rental offers fewer obligations and a plethora of perks for traveling professionals. Many long-term car leases simply require a deposit, a credit card, and a valid driver’s license to qualify. Generally, this deposit is returned at the end of the lease term. Even though the initial deposit on a long-term rental may be larger than that of a short-term rental, the overall month-to-month cost is typically much less. Once these steps are completed and an auto insurance policy is in place, drivers are ready to get on the road.

A high consumer credit score is also of less importance when a long-term car rental is involved. Although a rental company may pull credit scores during the application process, this is done primarily to determine creditworthiness rather than interest rates.

Savings on Repairs and Maintenance: Annual car repairs and maintenance can prove an even greater source of financial strain when employees must travel long distances. The additional wear and tear on a vehicle will naturally require more repairs and routine maintenance services. Fortunately, under the terms of most long-term car rental contracts, regular maintenance expenses, such as oil changes, are covered by the rental company, thus slashing travel costs considerably.

Improved Reliability: Although taxis and public transportation are the customary options for travelers, especially in larger cities, frequent use of these services is both costly and inconvenient. Additionally, if an employee travels a great deal, the process of constantly learning new transportation routes is bewildering. The long-term car rental option will eliminate this nuisance while providing a safe, reliable vehicle.

For car owners, insurance companies have several drawbacks when an auto accident or breakdown is involved. Drivers must ensure that deductibles are met, adjusters complete their estimates, and temporary vehicles are secured. Naturally, the claims process involves even more legwork and stress for an individual traveling on business in an unfamiliar location.

Long-term car rental companies, however, ensure that their rentals are rigorously serviced to prevent unexpected malfunctions. Fortunately, if travelers do encounter breakdowns, a company will swiftly provide a replacement vehicle. This peace of mind is invaluable to travelers and eliminates the need for insurance waiting periods and limited rental allowances.

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