Smaller car rental companies tend to be more flexible as compared to international chains and large corporates when it comes to renting an affordable and reliable rental car. There are too many rules in the car rental industry. Smaller car rental companies such as Avalon Transportation who have vested interest in making your rental happen, set the rules in-house. However, for big companies, the rules are set by a group of committee members that tends to be more complex and less flexible.

Reasons to Rent from a Smaller Car Rental Company

There are several reasons why you should be choosing a smaller car rental company that offers long term service over one of the big companies in the car rental business. For instance, you can expect to receive better service and prices, with a smaller company that is operated and owned locally. The overall goal of such a company is to ensure your satisfaction and happiness. Whereas, if you choose big names, you are at the risk of being over-charged and mediocre service, as the priority is to make money over customer satisfaction.

Flexible Pricing

When you are renting a car from a small business, you are renting the service from the business person who is interested in ensuring that the rental takes place. And therefore, the chances of you get a better deal in terms of pricing are high, as compared to when you rent from a large corporate.

Moreover, if you are a corporate employee, who will need the rental service on each working day of the week, you can strike a better deal with the smaller company as they are open to flexible pricing. For instance, Avalon Transportation allows customers to set up a corporate account and get the benefit of lower pricing when choosing a long term service.

Flexible Policies

Smaller car rental companies are more flexible as their policies and regulations are set in-house, as opposed to large corporates, where regulations are set by someone sitting on the other side of the country. When dealing with smaller car rental companies, you are likely to resolve the issues much faster and without any hassle.

Smaller companies are worried about your satisfaction and happiness and will do everything they can to see returning and happy customers through their gates. For instance, when you set up a corporate account with Avalon Transportation, you can also benefit from their priority pick.

Customer Service

Smaller companies that are operated and owned locally know the importance of word of mouth. Thus, if you are a happy customer and spread positive word of mouth, it will help the company grow exponentially. As a result of which, when you rent through small car rental, you are likely to get your concerns addressed rather quickly. Since they have vested interest in your happiness, the company will do everything to offer the best service available.

If you are relocating to the San Jose area and looking for a long term car rental service, Avalon Transportation offers you better discounts and priority pick services. They offer a hands-on approach and want to provide the best value for your money.