If you have travelled around the world and found yourself in a new city for a few days, you know that getting around can be a hassle. You could choose to get around by taxi, Uber, or some other rideshare option, or you can use public transportation; but what if you want the most control out of your transportation during your trip? That’s when car rentals are going to be the best choice. However, if you are still in your home city, are car rentals still a good option? Monthly car rentals in Bay Area have many benefits for you as an individual, as well as for businesses, from giving you access to a large selection of vehicles to saving you money in the long run. So, what are the benefits of monthly car rentals?

Reduce Your Leasing and Purchasing Costs

Vehicles tend to come with a lot of costs when it comes to acquiring and maintaining them. If you are choosing to lease a vehicle, you have to make bi-weekly or monthly payments for several years until your term is up, and then you have to choose to upgrade it for something new, or you can pay the balance of the value of the car and keep using it. If you go with purchasing a vehicle outright, there is the huge upfront cost of the vehicle itself, and then you have to keep up with quarterly, semi-annual, and annual checkups with manufacturer-accepted mechanics in order to keep your warranty valid on as many parts as possible. Then, of course, there are the issues of having to pay for oil changes, maintenance, and insurance. If you want to avoid a lot of these extra fees and only pay for a vehicle when you need it, then you may want to consider monthly car rentals in Bay Area. With monthly car rentals, you pay for a vehicle on a monthly (or shorter) time period, which means you are paying for a vehicle only when you need it.

Rent When You Need It

As mentioned above, a huge benefit to monthly car rentals in Bay Area is the fact that you get access to a vehicle for a modest monthly fee that you only pay when you need it. The rest of the time, you aren’t wasting money on a lease or maintenance. There are many businesses for whom this is beneficial—for instance, if your number of employees changes seasonally and you need a vehicle for them, you can just rent for the few months you need the vehicle. You can also rent a vehicle for just a couple days if one of your employees needs it for a business trip. Students can also benefit by being able to rent a vehicle while away from home at college without having to spend money on upfront purchasing. Some companies, such as Avalon Transportation, also have the option, when you rent one of their vehicles, to have it delivered directly to your door so you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting to one of their lots.

Wide Array of Vehicle Selection

Vehicle needs often change in certain businesses, or even when you are an individual. Purchasing a vehicle, or leasing, means you are locked into a specific vehicle for a very long period of time. However, with monthly car rentals in Bay Area, you can rent one vehicle for a day, week, or month and change to a different type of vehicle for your next rental period. Switch from a sedan to a truck or a van as needed.

If you are looking for highly rated monthly car rentals in Bay Area with the selection and flexibility you need, contact Avalon Transportation today at their San Jose or Austin, TX office. All vehicles are cleaned and sanitized between clients for your protection. Click here to learn more.