Many people consider personal transportation essential for their full enjoyment and exploration of San Jose, Silicon Valley and the southern San Francisco Bay Area. Yet those who want or need to use motor vehicles for more than a brief visit, such as individuals who live and work in the region, frequent and long-stay business and vacation travelers, corporations and relocation companies, often weigh the benefits of buying or shipping against renting or leasing a vehicle.

We don’t believe that debate is even necessary. A month-to-month or long-term car rental in San Jose is the wisest choice. Consider these top rental benefits:

Cost Advantages

You must pay a registration fee and insurance premiums for a privately owned vehicle. You face costly maintenance and emergency service fees as well. If you need to ship your car into the region, you also deal with shipping fees and extra insurance. Your owned vehicle also depreciates over time, which leaves you with less value when you’re ready to sell or upgrade it. 

The amount you pay for a month-to-month car rental in San Jose covers most expenses, including initial cleaning and detailing, and coverage for breakdowns caused by vehicle failure. 

Convenient Access

A long-term car rental in San Jose allows you to enjoy the region without dealing with the hassles of attempting to drive, tow or ship a motor vehicle into the area. You won’t have to take much time out of a busy schedule to regain access to your automobile. You won’t have to deal with the long wait times, extra fees and needs of other people that often occur with taxis, rideshares, buses, trains and various types of public transportation. 

You can quickly and effortlessly pick up a long-term rental vehicle of your choice. You also don’t have to deal with long wait lines when picking up or dropping off. Streamlined online and phone-based support exists to make all vehicle rental processes easier. 

Flexible Selection

Personal and work needs change over time. If you’re in the region for an extended stay, you might go from needing a comfortable compact or mid-sized car for work commutes one moment to an SUV or truck for transporting large items or driving off the beaten track the next moment. You might suddenly need a roomier vehicle for a months-long retreat or a new carpool scheme at work.

With a rental, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time without dealing with the headache of trying to sell your existing car and then attempting to afford to buy the type you need for a specific scenario. Long-term rentals include a variety of sizes (i.e., economy, compact, intermediate, standard and full size), builds (i.e., sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans) and fuel types (i.e., gasoline, electric and hybrid).

Month-to-Month Car Rental in San Jose 

There is so much to see and do in San Jose and the Bay Area. When you choose a long-term car rental in San Jose from our experienced team at Avalon Transportation, you receive benefits above and beyond the ones we’ve listed here. Get A Quote today!