Returning from the field of battle to their beloved country for which they have sacrificed so much. For them, it was worth it to protect our way of life. But now it’s our turn to help give them a good life. Dougherty Valley San Ramon Rotary Foundation partners with Sentinels of Freedom in the V3 Septemberfest that took place on 21-September-2019.


Who Are the Sentinels of Freedom?

Sentinels of Freedom are dedicated to assisting post – 9/11 veterans. We are driven to ensure that their injuries do not define them. Our mission is to help them rise above their current predicament, maximize the potential within them, and become independent individuals. Our sentinels have sacrificed and given so much for our freedom; the freedom of the American people. The least we could do is provide a place to help them get back on their feet.


Tell Me About the Septemberfest Festival

We created this program to help all post 911 veterans. With the help of Dougherty Valley San Ramon Rotary Foundation, we organized the v3 Septemberfest. Veterans Victory Velo (v3) Septemberfest is a fun festival to celebrate the sacrifice of our veterans for our freedom and liberty.

Septemberfest is a celebration of the end of summer, beginning of fall and the American freedom. Veterans enjoy live music as well as each other’s company where they can share their experiences both on the battlefield and the battle after in an understanding and supportive environment where everyone understands how it feels.


How Would You Donate? Who Does it Help?

V3 Septemberfest has raised over a hundred thousand dollars since it began in 2014. The proceeds have always gone to helping the veterans. To have them complete their education as well as to sponsor youth programs. This money goes a long way in the life of injured or disabled veterans. We owe them that much.

You too can be a part of it by donating to the cause. The proceeds from the v3 Septemberfest goes directly to helping disabled veterans. We have them complete their education and begin life after the army. We help them kick start their careers to ensure their independence despite their injuries.

Your donations will go a long way to helping a veteran get back on their feet. These brave men and women have done so much for us without asking for anything in return. It is only right that we lend a helping hand. You can visit our fundraising page on for a direct donation to make a difference in the life of a sentinel today.

The 2019 v3 Septemberfest was proudly sponsored by the Avalon transportation service. They understand the importance of our veterans to our society and they have pulled their support behind us to help our veterans achieve the independence that they deserve. Great things can happen when people join. Please support our efforts to help change a wounded Veterans life.

Donate to the cause today to change a person’s life. Our veterans are ready to further contribute to society despite giving so much, they are willing to give much more. All we need to do is help them get back on their feet.

Your donation is secure and 100% tax-deductible. So, while changing a veteran’s life for the better you still get a little something in return.