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Travel Nurse Car Rental Program

Nurse Car Rental

Temporary Car Solution:

Temp Assignments – No long-term contracts

Month-to-Month Car Rentals – 30, 60 or 90-days

Pay by Credit Card or Direct Bill

Flexible Terms – Based on the need of the assignment

Free Delivery and Pickup – Check availability in your area

Nurse Only Discount Code: TRVNRS24

At Avalon Transportation, we understand that a solid nurse car rental program is a necessary requirement in today’s world.  Many recruiters have a direct relationship with Avalon Transportation and Avalon has extended this value to you as a contracted nurse. When you require assistance with rental cars Avalon Transportation will extend all these benefits to you as an individual. You can enjoy preferred rates as well as free delivery in our segmented locations (ask an agent for your specific needs). We have a team of dedicated personnel to help you with full support, ongoing maintenance, and airport service when required.

4 Key Benefits of Renting a Car as a Travel Nurse:

When you’re working far from home, you don’t want to drive your vehicle thousands of miles to reach your temporary work location. Bringing your own car takes too much time. More importantly, driving long distances can lead to an excessive gas bill and costly repairs. In fact, car ownership expenses typically cost $0.76 per mile. Out of this figure, the average person spends $0.28 per mile on just gas.

1. Avoid the Costs of Driving Long Distances

If you rent a car, you don’t have to drive across the country and waste money on car repairs. Likewise, you won’t have to pay for restaurant meals or hotels during your road trip. Instead, you can show up at the airport right before your first shift begins.

2. Save on Repair Costs

We regularly inspect our vehicles, so these cars are less likely to break down. Even if your rental car develops a mechanical issue, you won’t have to pay for it. With our maintenance package, we will even pick up the car while you’re at work, do the maintenance, and bring it back. You won’t have to waste your time and energy on locating a repair shop.

3. Get Different Vehicles and Features

When you are a travel nurse, there are certain things that you need in a vehicle. For example, you may want to rent a flashy car if you plan on spending your weekends checking out the local nightlife. If you love outdoor attractions, a four-wheel drive vehicle may be a better choice. When you rent cars, you can change your vehicle whenever your rental lease ends.

4. Put Your Travel Stipend to Use

Your rental vehicle may also be a part of your nursing contract. Often, hospitals and medical providers will pay a travel stipend or offer other travel-related benefits. Before you sign a new contract, you should read through the fine print to see if your rental car, airfare, or other costs may be covered.



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