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Long Term Car Rental in Austin

For a growing number of business and leisure travelers Austin, Texas is one of the most favored destinations in the southwestern United States. A recognized commercial and financial hub, Austin also boasts of a colorful local culture and a rich historical heritage that makes it an ideal travel destination for many reasons.

In order to enjoy Austin to the fullest, having access to a reliable vehicle is a must. This is where Avalon comes in. Founded in 2004 by owner and CEO Barry Hauck, Avalon Transportation brings to the long term car rental industry a level of professionalism borne of Hauck’s own extensive experience in the transport business. Today, Avalon is one of the leading names in the rental car industry, servicing clients from Austin, Southern California, and the San Francisco Bay Area. When it comes to long term car rental Austin customers can rely on the wide range of services provided by Avalon Transportation Services.

Avalon has a steady and devoted clientele comprised of international expatriates, Fortune 500 company executives, and management personnel and employees of small- and mid-sized businesses. For this select clientele, an essential part of travel is having access to reliable long term car rental. Austin and California clients know full well that Avalon is more than capable of providing such services, with a level of care and attention that could only be expected from the leading name in the rental car industry.

Most every rental car need can be accommodated by Avalon Transportation, which maintains a fleet of more than 300 vehicles. The company’s extensive inventory consists of everything from standard sedans to compact models, SUVs to minivans, and so much more. As far as variety and quality of selection is concerned, Avalon is second to none in the region.

Many companies that have been in business for as long as Avalon tend to become complacent and simply rely on their previous accomplishments for repeat business. In many cases, this results in poorer and poorer quality service as time goes on. This is definitely not the case with Avalon Transportation, which remains just as committed to excellence and professionalism as the day it was founded. Even after more than 15 years in the business, Avalon strives to remain on the cutting-edge of the industry, developing new ways by which it could offer better services to its valued customers. For the Avalon team, total customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and it strives to achieve this by constantly working to improve its services and expand on its capabilities.

For the management and staff of Avalon Transportation, “customer satisfaction” is more than just a catchy marketing phrase–it is actually a company-wide culture that plays a significant role in every area of its’ operations. This is apparent in every aspect of the company’s service, from the range and quality of its vehicles, to the expedient and totally professional manner in which the company’s customer services team addresses client concerns. To find out more about Avalon Transportation’s capabilities in long term car rental Austin customers are invited to call (877) 946-1930 or to send an email to sales@driveavalon.com.

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Give Avalon the opportunity to exceed your expectations. Experience our personal one-on-one attention to detail, which will make your temporary assignment or relocation a breeze.

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